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Olympia Crown Hotel

About Olympia Crown Hotel

Olympia Crown Hotel/ Hotelceleb is the premier choice for hotel accommodations just outside of New Kingston's business district. The hotel offers comfort and relaxation in their convenient location, while offering an array of attractions to keep their guests entertained. The hotel is located proximity 5 minutes away from  Half-Way-Tree and New Kingston's business districts and caters to individual persons and businesses looking for a convenient, reliable and courteous atmosphere.

"Whether you are visiting for business or pleasure, the Olympia Crown Hotel has the necessities you will enjoy for a memorable stay " states the hotel's Managing Director, Mr. Robert Forbes.

"Our guests provide the basis of our company, and as such, we have to treat them in accordance by providing the utmost hospitality services and providing fun-filled entertainment for them to enjoy."

"We offer excellent customer service to our guests and to the public. Our courteous staff will help you in any way possible in a prompt and professional manner. Checking in and out of the hotel is quick and easy, eliminating the delay processes offered by other hotels. Remember, our aim is to deliver the experience of a relaxed and stress free atmosphere, and that is the basis of our existence," reiterated the  hotel's Managing Director, Mr. Robert Forbes.

Olympia Crown Hotel operating hours are as follows:
 Sundays - Saturdays (24/7)